Hey there!

My passion is photographing your products authentically and beautifully – so your ideal customers make a beeline to the “buy” button!

The things you make have personality, meaning, and significance.  It’s crucial that potential customers can get a sense of your work through the images on your website and in your catalogs; this is, after all, your first chance to woo and wow them!

As a product stylist and photographer, I work to tell YOUR story, developing the visual voice of your brand as told by your products.

I photograph each of your items in a way that showcases its unique, one-of-a-kind nature. Every photograph is designed to make your customer feel that they are already using and enjoying your product —  so they can imagine exactly how it will enhance their life (and then decide that they’re no longer willing to live without it)!

From the time I was a little girl, I dreamed about making my surroundings a haven of party-perfect decor and effortless elegance.  Martha Stewart was my idol – she created and curated environments that were such a fascinating mix of refined and relatable.  


I stumbled upon a passion for photography quite by accident!  For my youngest son Owen’s first birthday party, I decided to hire someone to document the event so that our family could enjoy the festivities without feeling like we had to tote around cameras.  I wanted to appreciate each moment of the party in person, rather than looking at life through a lens.  

The photos that resulted from that event were nothing short of magical.  There was my little boy, eyes sparkling with wonder as he squeezed his grandmother’s hand! There was my whole family, gathered around a beautifully-laid table, saying grace. The scenes were like something out of a picture book.

That day, I recognized the value that photographic imagery adds to all of our lives.

Not too long afterward, I bought my first camera, and I taught myself how to play with light and shadows, composition and depth, in order to produce compelling images. I started by photographing parties I threw and then, I moved on to my own home’s decor and my favorite recipes.

Bit by bit, I fell in love with the camera, recognizing its power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, the drab into the delightful!  


Now, product photography is my passion, and my mission is to help other entrepreneurs capture their products in images that entice and enthrall.  

I’ve produced work for brands like PepsiCo, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Avon,  Patron, and Powell & Mahoney Craft Cocktail Mixtures, yet my greatest pleasure is found in helping solopreneurs showcase their hand-crafted items.  I curate each backdrop (no “plain” white walls in my photos – unless you insist!) to bring out the best qualities of your products.

I know that you make items that are crafted with love, passion, and purpose!  Which is why I aim to style your shoot with the remarkable essence of your brand before snapping the perfect shot of your product.  

If you’re selling unique products on the internet, let’s talk about how your products + my camera + my photography and styling skills can lead to increased sales and a steady stream of pleased purchasers!

Let’s work together!